Indian Home Department Seeking UAV Helicopters

October 15, 2011

UAV helicopters are needed for surveillance in Naxal areas according to

“The home department has demanded an unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) helicopter for the operations in the Naxal areas.
The state government has decided to follow up on its demand of the drone that could play a crucial role in the surveillance of the Naxal-affected areas.

The home department made a presentation about the naxal movement and the police preparedness in the Naxal-hit areas of the state. S Vires Prabhu, superintendent of police from Gadchiroli, showcased the preparedness of the force, including the total number of police personnel, arms and ammunition used and Naxal base camps.”

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UAV Helicopter Live Mission Summary – Counter Narcotics

September 9, 2010

There is a fascinating UAV helicopter live mission summary recently made available by Aeryon. The Aeryon Scout micro UAV performed a counter-narcotics mission in Central America last November.

The mission summary describes in great detail how the mission was carried out in a fairly hostile environment and how the use of  intelligence gained by the UAV helped minimize risk to military personnel.

The reconnaissance was successful as was the ensuing raid and arrest of the suspect.

A must read for anyone considering the benefits of a UAV. Read the full story here.


Mini UAV helicopter to help clean up Gulf oil spill

September 3, 2010

Waterloo, ON (PRWEB) September 3, 2010 — Aeryon Labs – manufacturer of the Aeryon Scout, a small man-packable flying robotic reconnaissance system – is pleased to announce it has delivered multiple Aeryon Scout UAVs to British Petroleum to aid in BP’s oil spill clean-up efforts.

Aeryon Scout Micro UAV Helicopter

The Aeryon Scout is a small, lightweight mini-helicopter that is remote-controlled from the ground using a patent-pending map-based touch-screen computer interface. It is able to provide a real-time bird’s-eye view of how oil is moving across the ocean surface. These geo-referenced images can be streamed directly to ground and ocean based clean-up crews, enabling the crews to instantly and accurately direct their resources accordingly.

“It’s extremely gratifying to not only see our technology being used effectively, but to also aid in such important environmental efforts,” said Dave Kroetsch, President of Aeryon Labs. “The Aeryon Scout was designed for all types of applications like this one, where real time aerial intelligence needs to be instantly put into the hands of the personnel on the ground that require aerial intelligence to do their jobs effectively.”

Kroetsch said one of the biggest challenges in any oil clean-up effort is that you cannot see the oil on the ocean surface from ground level, whether you’re on shore or on a boat. Once oil is cleaned up in the immediate area, oil cleaning resources, including skimmer boats and shore-based clean-up crews, simply don’t know where to go next. A real-time aerial view of the surrounding area allows for the clean-up crews to immediately be directed to the next area, eliminating down time and ensuring clean-up efforts are done as quickly as possible. “The Aeryon Scout’s ability to quickly and easily provide an instant aerial view will dramatically expedite our clean-up efforts. The Scout’s ease of use allows the operator to completely focus on how the oil is moving, ensuring we make full use of all available resources,” said Ed Thompson, Director, BP Crisis Management Unit.

Traditionally, manned helicopters have been used to spot patches of oil on ocean surfaces for clean up. This alternative is not only more expensive and more dangerous, but much less effective as one helicopter needs to cover a wide area and give direction to a large number of land and ocean-based clean-up crews. In this case, a small, unmanned system, such as the Scout, proves to be more cost-effective and efficient at collecting real-time data than full-sized helicopters or airplanes. The Scout excels in short-range, short duration missions, providing ground crews instant access to real-time aerial views whenever required. The Aeryon Scout also has many built in safety features, such as automated pre-flight checks and intelligent fault handling, which are designed to satisfy regulators’ air worthiness and safety tests. And with a total weight of less than 2 ½ pounds, the Aeryon Scout can be safely and easily deployed in any location without disturbing the surroundings.

Aeryon Labs designed the Scout system to be easy enough for even non-technical people to use with only minimal training. Its on-board computer system supervises all aspects of flight, allowing the operator to focus on completing the task at hand, which in this case is looking for the next batch of oil on the ocean surface.

“We’re excited to see our robotic technology continue to be used in innovative ways. Real time aerial intelligence allows people to get their jobs done in safer and more efficient ways,” said Kroetsch.

About Aeryon Labs Inc. –

UAV Display at Farnborough 2010

July 18, 2010

There will be a number of UAVs on display at Farnborough 2010. Here’s the lineup according to

“The UAV display will focus on experimental platforms and technology demonstrators, Due to safety considerations, the flight displays will include small and ‘micro’ UAVs. Among these is the Vigilant mini-UAV from UTSL, SR30 robotic helicopter from Advanced UAS Technology and Robomotion, the Blue Bear ‘Blackstart’ research vehicle, the Aeryon Scout quad-copter from the Canadian company Aeryon Labs, the Fanwing STOL aircraft, the Boomerang from YellowPlane sUAS, and the Israeli MicroB micro-UAV from Blue Bird. Elbit Systems will also display the Guardium autonomous ground vehicle, designed for airport perimeter security.”

Wolverine III UAV Helicopter Review

April 27, 2010

The Wolverine III is the latest electric helicopter UAV developed by Viking Aerospace.  The system utilizes the very successful wePilot1000 UAV helicopter autopilot.  This flight control system has successfully been integrated on several dozen different helicopter designs and hundreds of helicopters worldwide.  It has also been proven on every continent including Antarctica.

Wolverine III UAS

The Wolverine III is an all electric, fully automatic, helicopter which can be operated with, or without a ground control station.  GPS hold and full velocity control is available without a groundstation (which runs on any Windows based machine).  With a groundstation, programmable waypoint tracking is easily accomplished.  The system has communications, loss of GPS, and automatic homing and automatic landing failsafe features.  The flight control system is housed in a rugged machined aluminum enclosure which is positioned completely within the side-frames of the helicopter.  This not only protects the flight control system, but also minimizes the number of cables which are outside the core autopilot box, therefore increasing reliability and ease of maintenance.

In order to achieve high endurance (currently 45 minutes is standard with this version, although it does have a high endurance version which is approaching 1 hr endurance), robust flight control methodologies are used in concert with a flybarless rotorhead designed by Minicopter.  Of course, higher flight times can be achieved in forward flight rather than hover.

Aircraft Data

Parameter Value
Main Rotor Diameter 72 in
Height 20.0 in
Length 60.0 in
Weight 19 lbs
Power 6 kW (8hp)


Operational Radius: 7 miles Standard
Up to 21 miles
Endurance: Up to 51 min Hover
Operating Speed: 25 mph standard (up to 50 mph)
Max Payload: 12 lbs

For more info on the Wolverine III, please click here.

Aeryon Scout UAV Helps In Drug Bust

April 20, 2010

The Aeryon Scout, a micro unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) recently helped out in a Central American drug bust.

UAV helicopter view of drug compound

“The Aeryon Scout — a small, lightweight mini-helicopter that is remote-controlled from the ground by computer — was able to provide visual surveillance of a suspected narcotic trafficker’s compound deep in the jungle. The Scout provides the features of larger unmanned aerial systems (UASs) in a small package, at a fraction of the cost.”

““This might sound like a plot from a TV show like CSI or 24, but it’s a real-life application of our robotic technology,” said Dave Kroetsch, President of Aeryon Labs. “This is what the Scout was designed for: providing aerial intelligence in settings too challenging or dangerous for humans to venture into.”

Kroetsch said the law enforcement officers took the Aeryon Scout into the jungle, in hostile territory, under the cover of darkness. At first light they cleared a small launch area, took the Scout out of its suitcase-sized case, and snapped it together. Measuring only 80 cm by 80 cm when assembled and weighing just over a kilogram, the Scout was easy to transport. They then set the robot’s target by selecting the location of the drug compound using a touch-screen satellite-map interface on a portable computer tablet. The target location was approximately 1 km from the operator. For security reasons the actual date and location of the operation cannot be publicized.”

Apparently the images from the Scout enabled the enforcement team to determine the interior layout of the compound, establish what vehicles were inside, identify possible escape routes, and assess what security measures were in place. Most importantly they were able to see a gap in the wire surrounding the compound that was then used as the entry point for the raid. The successful bust resulted in the arrest of the drug gang members. Before the use of the Aeryon Scout, law enforcement officers would typically drive an armoured vehicle through the wall of the compound and face unknown circumstances on the other side.

““The Scout’s low noise, radar, visual and heat signatures make it an ideal platform for covert tactical imagery collection. You can set it up in a couple of minutes out of its case, fly the mission, and be gone without ever alerting the target. And if you can play a simple video game, you can fly the Scout,” said Charles Barlow, President Zariba Security Corporation and former Canadian intelligence officer.

Aeryon Scout UAV Helicopter

Aeryon Labs designed the Scout system to be easy enough for even non-technical people to use with minimal training. Its on-board computer system supervises all aspects of the mission, allowing the operator to focus on completing a task.”

See full story at: Aeryon Labs Inc.

UAV Helicopter Missions

February 11, 2010

UAV Helicopter

A UAV helicopter is an unmanned aircraft system that can come in multiple shapes, sizes, and forms. While larger, unmanned aircraft are used in military operations, smaller sizes are used for personal leisure and fun. UAV helicopters can be an interesting hobby, and an interesting way to delve in to unmanned aircraft systems.

While you do not need to do something “serious” with your UAV helicopter to enjoy it, there are some serious things that can be done with them. There are multiple ways for you to use a UAV helicopter.

Safe Surveillance

The UAV helicopter allows for safer surveillance than ever before. The small, unmanned piece of machinery can easily go into places that may be unsafe for humans to go through.

Those who are in a war will use the UAV helicopter to precede them. While they may do it to ensure that there are no enemies nearby, they may also use it to inspect unstable land. While they may not be able to walk across a field that is covered in land mines, they can utilize a UAV helicopter to see what is going on around that land.

Those in law enforcement can use the UAV helicopter to get surveillance on nearby areas that are dangerous. They can use these helicopters to gather information that will keep police offers safe as they approach the specific situation.

Photography and Exploration

UAV helicopters can get into areas the humans simply cannot get into. Luckily, a UAV helicopter can be outfitted with a camera or video camera. This easy change turns the UAV helicopter into a roving camera. You can now have images and videos of area that you would not have had images and videos of before. This is perfect for exploring new areas that may simply be unsafe for anyone to enter. The pictures that you have from these helicopters can also give you the information that you need, whether it be for war, law enforcement, or simple enjoyment.


While there are multiple positive uses for the UAV helicopter, there is still one use that goes unnoticed. Some people simply like to have a UAV helicopter for sheer pleasure. They like to fly around the remote-controlled UAV helicopter, in smaller form, to enjoy the unmanned flight.

It can be easy to dismiss the power and importance of the smaller UAV helicopter models. In general, these small sizes are the sizes that can do the most for man. These UAV helicopters can easily give us information that we would not be able to have through other means. The small, remote-controlled helicopter gives us the ability to check our surroundings and record those surroundings. And for many, they give us the ability to enjoy ourselves. An unmanned aircraft system is important for both work and play.