Automatic Convoy Following Using Aeryon Scout UAV

May 20, 2011

This is a fantastic new application from Aeryon Labs. Automatic convoy following using the Aeryon Scout UAV helicopter.

This application is targeted at convoy security and IED detection. In this video, the Scout automatically follows a car as it drives down a gravel road. Once the operator chooses the relative location of the Scout to the car, the system automatically tracks the convoy on the ground without any user interaction. This gives the operator a bird’s eye view without requiring any control input, freeing them to watch the video and patrol. The relative position of the Scout can be adjusted in real-time, allowing the Scout to watch the convoy and its surroundings from behind, the side, in front, or directly above.


UAV Helicopter Live Mission Summary – Counter Narcotics

September 9, 2010

There is a fascinating UAV helicopter live mission summary recently made available by Aeryon. The Aeryon Scout micro UAV performed a counter-narcotics mission in Central America last November.

The mission summary describes in great detail how the mission was carried out in a fairly hostile environment and how the use of  intelligence gained by the UAV helped minimize risk to military personnel.

The reconnaissance was successful as was the ensuing raid and arrest of the suspect.

A must read for anyone considering the benefits of a UAV. Read the full story here.


Aeryon Scout Becomes First UAV to Fly Outdoors at Farnborough

August 8, 2010

Aeryon was demonstrating the Aeryon Scout during the 4 trade days of this year’s show.  The Aeryon Scout was not only the first UAV to ever fly outdoors at FIA, but was also the only system to fly for all 4 demonstration days and concluded the week as the last system to land.  The Scout clearly demonstrated it is a rugged, military grade UAV, flawlessly handling the high winds and rain that other systems struggled with.

Full Story at:

UAV Display at Farnborough 2010

July 18, 2010

There will be a number of UAVs on display at Farnborough 2010. Here’s the lineup according to

“The UAV display will focus on experimental platforms and technology demonstrators, Due to safety considerations, the flight displays will include small and ‘micro’ UAVs. Among these is the Vigilant mini-UAV from UTSL, SR30 robotic helicopter from Advanced UAS Technology and Robomotion, the Blue Bear ‘Blackstart’ research vehicle, the Aeryon Scout quad-copter from the Canadian company Aeryon Labs, the Fanwing STOL aircraft, the Boomerang from YellowPlane sUAS, and the Israeli MicroB micro-UAV from Blue Bird. Elbit Systems will also display the Guardium autonomous ground vehicle, designed for airport perimeter security.”

Aeryon Scout UAV Helicopter TV Spot

May 25, 2010

The Aeryon Scout UAV helicopter was recently featured on The Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet show.

This autonomous micro UAV flew around a simulated crime scene. The video shows how easy it is to fly the Scout in different modes and in a strong wind. Very impressive. Check it out at the link below.

Discovery Channel – Aeryon Scout

Wolverine III UAV Helicopter Review

April 27, 2010

The Wolverine III is the latest electric helicopter UAV developed by Viking Aerospace.  The system utilizes the very successful wePilot1000 UAV helicopter autopilot.  This flight control system has successfully been integrated on several dozen different helicopter designs and hundreds of helicopters worldwide.  It has also been proven on every continent including Antarctica.

Wolverine III UAS

The Wolverine III is an all electric, fully automatic, helicopter which can be operated with, or without a ground control station.  GPS hold and full velocity control is available without a groundstation (which runs on any Windows based machine).  With a groundstation, programmable waypoint tracking is easily accomplished.  The system has communications, loss of GPS, and automatic homing and automatic landing failsafe features.  The flight control system is housed in a rugged machined aluminum enclosure which is positioned completely within the side-frames of the helicopter.  This not only protects the flight control system, but also minimizes the number of cables which are outside the core autopilot box, therefore increasing reliability and ease of maintenance.

In order to achieve high endurance (currently 45 minutes is standard with this version, although it does have a high endurance version which is approaching 1 hr endurance), robust flight control methodologies are used in concert with a flybarless rotorhead designed by Minicopter.  Of course, higher flight times can be achieved in forward flight rather than hover.

Aircraft Data

Parameter Value
Main Rotor Diameter 72 in
Height 20.0 in
Length 60.0 in
Weight 19 lbs
Power 6 kW (8hp)


Operational Radius: 7 miles Standard
Up to 21 miles
Endurance: Up to 51 min Hover
Operating Speed: 25 mph standard (up to 50 mph)
Max Payload: 12 lbs

For more info on the Wolverine III, please click here.

UAV Helicopter Reviews

January 19, 2010

UAV helicopter reviews are coming soon. The best helicopter UAVs will be reviewed as well as UAV systems and mini UAVs.

UAV helicopter project