Automatic Convoy Following Using Aeryon Scout UAV

May 20, 2011

This is a fantastic new application from Aeryon Labs. Automatic convoy following using the Aeryon Scout UAV helicopter.

This application is targeted at convoy security and IED detection. In this video, the Scout automatically follows a car as it drives down a gravel road. Once the operator chooses the relative location of the Scout to the car, the system automatically tracks the convoy on the ground without any user interaction. This gives the operator a bird’s eye view without requiring any control input, freeing them to watch the video and patrol. The relative position of the Scout can be adjusted in real-time, allowing the Scout to watch the convoy and its surroundings from behind, the side, in front, or directly above.

VideoZoom10x Payload Aeryon Scout Micro UAV

April 18, 2011

UAV helicopter 10x zoom video cameraAeryon has a new VideoZoom10x gimballed camera payload for the man-packable Scout Micro UAV.  Targeted at real-time reconnaissance and identification applications, the VideoZoom10x adds a stabilized ten times optical zoom video capability to the Scout’s family of payloads.  At a mere 200 grams, the VideoZoom10x is the world’s lightest all-digital gimballed optical zoom camera.  The VideoZoom10x produces the highest quality real time video available in any Micro UAV – for example, an operator can  determine if someone is holding a gun versus a shovel from a distance of greater than 300 meters.

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