Pulse Aerospace Vapor UAS Helicopter

Pulse Aerospace has published a new video compilation demonstrating its VAPOR unmanned electric helicopters. The vehicles are designed for tactical surveillance, precision mapping, pipeline monitoring, and construction project documentation, to name a few. VAPOR UAS are all-electric, automatically controlled helicopter systems, and because of their efficient flybarless single rotor design, the helicopters can stay airborne for up to an hour.

“The helicopter UAV market is really accelerating. To be successful long term, we are teaming with specialty companies that are helping us insert our systems into several new industries,” explained Bill Donovan, President of Pulse Aerospace, “The skies are starting to look a little different now.” referring to the new bill that Congress has passed giving commercial, private and military unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) greatly increased access to U.S. airspace.

“These VAPOR helicopters will change the way we collect data. The autopilot technology makes it possible for anyone to control this helicopter, and because it’s electric, the cost of operation is minimal”, Brian Jahelka, CEO of JahelkaWare, a systems integration firm. “Our effort for these projects is in the web-based collection and distribution of the data sets we obtain from the aircraft. We are excited to see this reliability and simplicity on a hovering vehicle that can give us the endurance needed.”

Keep tabs on www.pulseaero.com for more on this vehicle. The Lawrence, Kansas based company provides a variety of products and services related to unmanned systems including an industry leading redundant 5-axis IMU for inertial sensing.

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