Wolverine III UAV Helicopter Review

The Wolverine III is the latest electric helicopter UAV developed by Viking Aerospace.  The system utilizes the very successful wePilot1000 UAV helicopter autopilot.  This flight control system has successfully been integrated on several dozen different helicopter designs and hundreds of helicopters worldwide.  It has also been proven on every continent including Antarctica.

Wolverine III UAS

The Wolverine III is an all electric, fully automatic, helicopter which can be operated with, or without a ground control station.  GPS hold and full velocity control is available without a groundstation (which runs on any Windows based machine).  With a groundstation, programmable waypoint tracking is easily accomplished.  The system has communications, loss of GPS, and automatic homing and automatic landing failsafe features.  The flight control system is housed in a rugged machined aluminum enclosure which is positioned completely within the side-frames of the helicopter.  This not only protects the flight control system, but also minimizes the number of cables which are outside the core autopilot box, therefore increasing reliability and ease of maintenance.

In order to achieve high endurance (currently 45 minutes is standard with this version, although it does have a high endurance version which is approaching 1 hr endurance), robust flight control methodologies are used in concert with a flybarless rotorhead designed by Minicopter.  Of course, higher flight times can be achieved in forward flight rather than hover.

Aircraft Data

Parameter Value
Main Rotor Diameter 72 in
Height 20.0 in
Length 60.0 in
Weight 19 lbs
Power 6 kW (8hp)


Operational Radius: 7 miles Standard
Up to 21 miles
Endurance: Up to 51 min Hover
Operating Speed: 25 mph standard (up to 50 mph)
Max Payload: 12 lbs

For more info on the Wolverine III, please click here.

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